Why Use Mobile Coupons in Your Business?

Everyone loves a nice discount. And we all certainly love a good freebie from time to time. For this reason, businesses can really take advantage of some good relationship building opportunities with their prospects and customers by simply giving people what they want. Good deals and free stuff bring them in. Unfortunately, your everyday paper coupon promos can end up costing you a pretty penny in print and material costs.

However, extending "digital" coupons to your prospects via mobile marketing can be an incredibly lucrative endeavor. In fact, not only is the redemption rate of SMS coupons far higher than that of traditional newspaper coupons, but there is also significantly less overhead involved, leading to greater profits and a larger overall advertising budget.

Almost all of us have a mobile device. For the vast majority, this will be in the form of a cell phone. And because SMS text message marketing delivers your message directly to the customer no matter where they happen to be, it is virtually guaranteed that your message is going to be seen within just a few short minutes of you sending it. And when it's a coupon that you're presenting to your prospect, your chances of making a conversion and putting some money in your pocket are absolutely outstanding.

This is actually considered as a great icebreaker between you and your prospects, as again, we all love to be presented with an extraordinary deal. When you deliver a coupon to your readers, not only are they going to be excited about the prospect of saving some money on whatever it is they want, but they may very well feel just the slightest bit of gratitude toward you for sending them such a great offer. This is relationship building at its finest, as you instill trust in your customers while simultaneously fattening your bank account.

Without a doubt, the reason why SMS coupons are so much more likely to be redeemed and result in a sale is that they are easier to redeem. There is no clipping required. No special trip to a particular store must transpire. All they need to do is push a button or touch a screen and the magic happens in an instant!

In addition, this can have a huge, positive viral effect for you. This is true mainly because if someone receives an unbelievable deal via text message, there is nothing to stop that person from forwarding that very same text message to all their friends. And those friends may have other people who will be interested, and so on. There will be a natural buzz and excitement that will get your coupon seen by far more people than only those to whom you initially sent the message.

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