Web Video Marketing: The Next Generation of Marketing Campaigns

If you've ever wondered what Web video marketing can do for your brand, then there's no better time to investigate the available options and incorporate Web video into your business's marketing plan. That's why we've put together this four-part series devoted solely to this increasingly popular marketing medium—and why you need to tune in to the multiple opportunities available to extend your brand and deepen brand loyalty. You simply can't afford not to. Read on for part one, and be sure to opt in at the end of the first article to get automatic updates when the subsequent articles are available.

Part 1: Why Video Marketing?

Online video is more popular than ever, offering multiple opportunities for savvy marketers looking to reach their desired target audience. It's no longer sufficient simply to send an email or a direct-mail piece and expect a strong return on investment. Savvy marketers today know that reaching out across multiple channels is the key to marketing success.

Web video marketing plays a critical role in this new world of cross-channel marketing. Both your message and your brand stand to benefit from a well-planned online video marketing campaign. Not only will you solidify your marketing message in the marketplace, but you'll also build brand loyalty among consumers who will quickly become your most loyal brand evangelists.Web Video Marketing

Today's online video marketing goes beyond simple video commercials and sidebar ads or popups to encompass more technologically advanced breakout ads, interactive video campaigns and other campaigns that catch users' attention—users who are increasingly becoming desensitized to the plethora of interactive Web features now being employed by companies in all industries and require more engaging content to keep them interested.

The new breed of Web videos includes interactive features that allow users to click right within the video player itself in order to get more information, play games, download coupons and engage directly with the brand. It's this kind of interactivity that creates a relationship between the brand and the user, effectively encouraging the user to spend time online developing brand loyalty.

That's the kind of ROI you simply can't get from a traditional marketing campaign. Still, you might wonder, why do so many users prefer online video over text-based information?

Simply put, many users want to hear from a real human who can validate the brand's product or service and help them make a buying decision. Think of it as third-party-verified information: It's not just Joe Schmoe from the company telling you to buy his widgets. Rather, it's an actual user or an expert who can verify, for example, that he had amazing results from using the product. The user can more easily make an emotional connection—and therefore a buying decision—when he sees proof that your product works and has positive results.

The best part is, you only need to make the video once—and can reap the rewards for days, weeks and months to come. Your Web videos can live on your server or at a video portal, and users can easily access them anytime. It's the equivalent of your direct-mail piece sitting on a kitchen counter for several weeks in plain view—only your Web video can't get throw away with the recycling.

Intrigued by the idea of Web video marketing? Tune in next week for our second part in this four-part series, "How Video Marketing Helps Your Business." Sign up for automatic email updates here to be alerted when the next article is available.

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