A New Way to Safely Monitor Your Baby

Mobile technology isn’t just for adults! If you’re the parent of a young child or baby, you’ve likely used various baby monitor devices to keep an eye and ear on your child through the years. You’re likely familiar with the most popular walkie-talkie style baby monitors. You know the type. You put the base (receiver) [...]

Why Use Mobile Coupons in Your Business?

Our last article "Can Mobile Website Advertising Campaigns Be Successful" discussed the possibility of creating a successful advertising campaign for the mobile web. Now we're going to talk about the specific ways you can monetize your mobile website with ad campaigns. First, what is a website advertising campaign? A website advertising campaign uses websites as [...]

The Benefits of SMS Text Message Marketing

For marketers, as well as for the rest of humankind, technology has really opened up new possibilities for us to thrive. If we as marketers are to make it through these difficult economic times, we may need to turn to new technologies in order to gain maximum leverage and have the widest scope possible. This [...]

5 SMS Text Message Marketing Mistakes

The hottest new form of marketing, without question, is mobile marketing. From smart phone advertising to basic text, the average marketer’s scope with this type of marketing is absolutely immense, and simply cannot be underplayed. The competition is low, giving you a far stronger presence than you may otherwise have with traditional web marketing. This [...]

Mobilizing Mobile Video