Need to pay your Rent? There’s an app for that!

It's just a fact that the Internet has made our lives much easier to conduct both personal matters as well as business. We've come a long way with mobile technology, that's for sure. We've got electronic payment systems like Paypal and Alert Pay to take care of our online transactions that automatically convert currency and save us the hassle of dealing directly with banks. There are even mobile apps that allow us to scan our paychecks with our phone and deposit the funds directly into our account without ever having to visit the bank!

But have you ever thought about how mobile technology can be combined with our every day offline activities in order to support us in our mobile lifestyle? There are many everyday activities that a mobile solution would help us with.

For example, have you ever rented an apartment and ended up traveling around the date rent was due, finding yourself scrambling to figure out where to send your payment? Or maybe you've experienced running out of checks at rent time and having to get a money order or go pay for temporary checks from the bank? What if you could pay your rent online, or even better – with your iPhone through an app? What if you could get a text message the day rent is due and simply respond to make your payment?

Well, actually – you can do all of that! If your property manager subscribes to the service, you can pay your rent online or through an iPhone app to pay your rent with

If you don't have an iPhone, don't worry, you can pay your rent with a text message. Yes, you read that correctly – offers a service that allows you to pay your rent with a text message.

Assuming your property manager subscribes to this service, and if you've created your account attached to your bank account, on rent day you will receive a text message to let you know rent is due. The text message will ask you to enter the rent amount you would like to pay in a simple format, and once you hit send you will get a text confirmation receipt that includes the date, your name, the amount due, the amount paid and the last 4 digits of the account used to make the payment.

Life is meant to be simple, and when you live a busy lifestyle it's nice to have this type of convenience. The commercials are right – there really is an app for everything!

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