Mobile Websites: Is it really necessary to optimize for mobile devices?

I see many blog posts from website developers who don't think it's important to optimize websites for mobile devices because Smartphone browsers display most regular websites perfectly – just on a smaller scale.

If Smartphone browsers display websites perfectly anyway, what's the point in optimizing? The answer is that optimization is is for more than just looks and functionality.

Mobile optimization comes with a much higher purpose than just delivering an aesthetically pleasing design to mobile users.

If you're a business owner, optimizing your website for mobile devices could be your biggest marketing asset.

What exactly is optimization?

Optimization is simply the act of making something as useful or effective as possible.

Optimizing a mobile website is making that mobile website as useful or effective as possible. Just because a website functions normally on a mobile device doesn't mean that website is useful and effective.

What are the characteristics of a useful mobile website?

  • Fast loading time
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Desired content is immediately available

What are the characteristics of an effective mobile website?

  • High conversion rate
  • Users make return visits on their mobile device
  • Creates value for the user
  • Increases revenue for the business

What does a useful and effective mobile website contribute to a business?

More revenue. Period.

If optimizing a website for mobile viewing means to make that website effectively increase the revenue for a business through usability, it doesn't make sense to ignore mobile optimization.

How do you optimize a website to make it useful and effective?

Think about optimizing your website for mobile devices as marketing rather than design and development.

Let's say you run a restaurant with take-out or delivery services. Chances are your potential customers are going to visit your website from a mobile device to place their order.

It makes sense from a marketing standpoint to optimize the mobile version of your website to make the ordering process as easy as possible.

When you own a restaurant you know your target market – they're hungry, and they want to order food.

When you run a different type of business, you may not need to optimize visually. The main question to ask yourself is, "why are my mobile visitors coming to my website? What action are they going to take when they get there?"

How do you know if your mobile website is optimized?

If you want to grow your business you need to market differently to your mobile viewers. As long as your mobile users can easily perform the actions you want them to take when viewing your mobile website – and you're experiencing your desired conversion rate – you're likely optimized!

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