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Designing Mobile Websites For The Smartphone vs. The User

When you think about developing a feature-rich mobile website, at first glance it may appear that you are only limited by the native functions of the mobile devices used to access your website – among them, the smartphone. What is a “smartphone?” A smartphone is a cellphone that blends the technology of a telephone and [...]

Mobile Marketing: Monetizing Your Mobile Website

Mobile Marketing: Monetizing Your Mobile Website

Our last article "Can Mobile Website Advertising Campaigns Be Successful" discussed the possibility of creating a successful advertising campaign for the mobile web. Now we're going to talk about the specific ways you can monetize your mobile website with ad campaigns. First, what is a website advertising campaign? A website advertising campaign uses websites as [...]

Mobile Website Optimization: Avoid the Pitfalls of Ignoring Mobile Users

In the last ten years the process of optimizing websites for various mobile devices has evolved rapidly. Ten years ago browsing the web with a cell phone was a painful experience, yet with the introduction of the Smartphone and other similar devices, mobile web browsing has suddenly become an indispensable tool for people on the [...]

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