Apple iPhone or Android Smartphone?

Many people are just now catching onto the many uses for mobile technology devices known as “Smartphones.” Smartphones are cellphones that also operate like computers, having a large capacity for storage, and run on an operating system (aka “OS”) that is visually similar to the operating system of a desktop or laptop computer. Smartphones can [...]

Mobile Cloud Computing – The Sooner, The Better!

By now most of us have become familiar with what has been termed, “Cloud Computing,” made somewhat more popular by Apple over the last few years as a way to help people store and access their iTunes library as well as other documents and files. What is Cloud Computing? According to Wikipedia, “Cloud Computing” is [...]

A New Way to Safely Monitor Your Baby

Mobile technology isn’t just for adults! If you’re the parent of a young child or baby, you’ve likely used various baby monitor devices to keep an eye and ear on your child through the years. You’re likely familiar with the most popular walkie-talkie style baby monitors. You know the type. You put the base (receiver) [...]

Need to pay your Rent? There’s an app for that!

It’s just a fact that the Internet has made our lives much easier to conduct both personal matters as well as business. We’ve come a long way with mobile technology, that’s for sure. We’ve got electronic payment systems like Paypal and Alert Pay to take care of our online transactions that automatically convert currency and save [...]

Mobilizing Mobile Video