Mobile Marketing: Monetizing Your Mobile Website

Mobile Marketing: Monetizing Your Mobile Website

Our last article “Can Mobile Website Advertising Campaigns Be Successful” discussed the possibility of creating a successful advertising campaign for the mobile web. Now we’re going to talk about the specific ways you can monetize your mobile website with ad campaigns.

First, what is a website advertising campaign?

A website advertising campaign uses websites as a platform to serve relevant ads to potential consumers. It’s basically the same type of advertising campaign as TV commercials, except the method of delivery is not prime time slots on TV – instead, the method of delivery comes in the form of text ads, image ads and banner ads displayed to website visitors.

While standard websites have plenty of space for banner ads, a mobile site can be more challenging to monetize due to the smaller screen size. On a mobile website, text ads may not be easily seen and image and banner ads may not be clicked on if the user is just looking for quick information as opposed to actually browsing the web for pleasure. Additionally, there may not be room for image and banner ads depending on the layout.

Taking into account all the differences between displaying ads on a standard website versus a mobile website, how do you create a successful mobile ad campaign? Let’s look at an existing simple yet highly effective ad campaign: Pandora Radio.

How does Pandora Radio utilize mobile ad campaigns?

The mobile phone app for Pandora (streaming Internet radio) is a perfect example of how to successfully deliver advertising on mobile devices. Pandora will randomly serve users with an image advertisement that fills up nearly the whole screen – like a splash screen image. If the user clicks on the splash screen image, their browser will open and display the ad’s targeted webpage without interrupting the Pandora experience.

Another reason Pandora’s ads are so successful is because they don’t rely on the user to visit a specific webpage in order to see the ads. All the user has to do is engage the mobile phone app, and the ads are delivered on a timer for as long as the user is listening to Pandora.

The smoothness of Pandora’s ads coupled with the timing of when the ads are delivered allows the user to enjoy the Pandora experience without being interrupted.

Pandora’s lead shows us that not all ads are intrusive to the user. The key to creating a positive ad experience for users is to serve the most relevant ads possible without interrupting their current experience.

Pandora’s example proves that when your intention is to create the best possible experience for your users (as opposed to just trying to get them to click on your ads) you’ll create a smooth experience for your users that will leave them feeling valued and you’ll be successful in the process.

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