Apple iPhone or Android Smartphone?

Many people are just now catching onto the many uses for mobile technology devices known as "Smartphones." Smartphones are cellphones that also operate like computers, having a large capacity for storage, and run on an operating system (aka "OS") that is visually similar to the operating system of a desktop or laptop computer. Smartphones can [...]

Engaging Your Mobile Users: Smartphone App? Or Mobile Website?

Many businesses are starting to discover the power of the Smartphone application (aka the “app”) and wonder if they need an app for their business. While many businesses look into the possibility of having a Smartphone app, they often come across the idea of having a mobile website and wonder which would be better – [...]

Mobile Websites: Is it really necessary to optimize for mobile devices?

I see many blog posts from website developers who don’t think it’s important to optimize websites for mobile devices because Smartphone browsers display most regular websites perfectly – just on a smaller scale. If Smartphone browsers display websites perfectly anyway, what’s the point in optimizing? The answer is that optimization is is for more than [...]

Mobilizing Mobile Video