Now available is Mobile Marketing for Startups, a new publication with a comprehensive look at many of the top Mobile Marketing Techniques and Strategies that you can use in your Mobile Marketing Business. Included are details on Bluetooth Marketing, Video for Mobile, Apps, and many more techniques that you can use to dominate in your mobile marketing efforts.

Major brands are beginning to utilize mobile technology in a big way, but there's a lot of untapped potential for smaller businesses using the mobile Web, too. This eBook is a primer for small businesses interested in learning more about the mobile Web to see if it might help them attract new customers or serve existing ones."

Sections include:

  • Mobile Marketing for Dummies
  • Mobile Marketing Using Texts/SMS
  • The Advent of User-Controlled Media
  • Mobile Codes Make Mobile Marketing a Breeze
  • Advertising through Apps
  • Bluetooth Advertising Hits Hard
  • Get Ready To Play With Advergames
  • Mobile Video Brings Video Advertising to Phones
  • Get Flashy With Flash Lite
  • Making Mobile Web Count

Mobilizing Mobile Video