A New Way to Safely Monitor Your Baby

Mobile technology isn't just for adults!

If you're the parent of a young child or baby, you've likely used various baby monitor devices to keep an eye and ear on your child through the years. You're likely familiar with the most popular walkie-talkie style baby monitors. You know the type. You put the base (receiver) in your baby's room as close to your baby as possible, and you carry the walkie-talkie end with you so that you can hear when your baby wakes up or needs something.

While audio monitoring is great, wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to monitor your baby through video? To be able to not only hear when your baby needs you, but to literally see when your baby is uncomfortable, or has kicked off his/her blanket during a cold night?

While video surveillance sounds great, the problem with standard video surveillance is that it's usually expensive despite recent technology making it more widely available. But What if there was a less expensive way to monitor your child through video that doesn't require any wires or fancy equipment?

A French company called Withings has created the solution to this problem through a product called the "Smart Baby Monitor." This is a baby monitor that allows you to monitor your baby through your iPad, iPod Touch or your iPhone. Essentially, the Smart Baby Monitor is a fancy, smart webcam.

In addition to video monitoring, the Smart Baby Monitor comes equipped with sensors for detecting sound, temperature, movement and even levels of humidity. The built-in 3 megapixel wide-angle camera is hinged so that it can be swiveled or tilted to just the right angle.

With night vision through infrared LEDs that switch on automatically when the lighting gets dim, this baby monitor seems to have it all. You can use the 4x zoom to zoom in on your baby. And, if your baby is restless, starts crying or moving around, or if the room's conditions change, the device will pick up on those incidents and send alerts to your iOS device.

Perhaps the best feature of this baby monitor is the two-way microphone. If your baby is crying, you can sing a lullaby right from your device to help your baby calm down. Additionally, this baby monitor can be connected through wifi to your computer or through Bluetooth.

While this baby monitor is made in the UK it has now been made available to the US.

Find out more here: http://www.gizmag.com/withings-smart-baby-monitor/21676/

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